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Crafting Natural, Hand-Poured Candles for Your Personal Escape

Welcome to CandleScape Co., a black woman-owned business driven by a genuine passion for candles and a strong sense of community. Our founder's love for candles is what sparked this endeavor, inspiring her to craft candles using natural ingredients and top-notch fragrances.

Our candles are coconut soy, handcrafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, reflecting our deep commitment to quality and sustainability.

At CandleScape Co., we believe in the power of candles to bring people closer. Our founder's candle journey led her to create her own, and now, she invites you to join us in crafting your very own candle experiences.

In addition to our candles, we offer candle workshop experiences, where you can not only learn the art of candle making but also connect with others. These workshops are more than just crafting sessions; they're a chance to share stories, learn, and create a sense of community.

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